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Since1978 ASTIR D.panagiotopoulos sons Ltd. Has been manufacturing industrial fans, of all types such as:

According to the needs of each industry , the technical department of our company analyzes and design the appropriate fan which guarantees good performance, maximum efficiency , stability, optimal value-quality ratio and low energy consumption.

The selection and design of an appropriate fan, is done after a visit and inspection from which the technical department, analyzes the properties of the absorbed material and the parameters of the plant.

Also, apart from the above types, our company have the ability and the know how to construct fans for special occasions as friction, stainless steel, PVC and others. Additionally, we provide full technical support before and after installation(after sales service). The maintenance is simple and easy because they have a special window in order to have access to the internal of the fan. Fans have bumpers on all moving parts . They also have the capability to be equipped with various accessories such as soundproof-boxes, vending nipples, silencers, etc...

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